Fundraising Tips & Tools

1. Calendars

DJ'$ provides calendars to its customers to help coordinate sales dates. If you have a calendar and your area is not on it, you should call in two weeks prior to the week you want your delivery.

2. Determine your Dates

  • Set the starting date of your sale.
  • Set date for collecting order sheets.
  • Set date for calling in your order.
  • Set date for delivery.

3. Sales Brochures

Order your sales brochures at least two weeks before you begin your sale. You may call DJ'$ at 800-634-5934 to receive your brochures. We always send extras for your convenience. Please let us know when you call if there are any changes to your address.


Let your area know a sale is coming. Most local newspapers, TV and radio stations are more than willing to help advertise for a nonprofit group at no expense to you.


Three words that can make a good sale great. E-mail is today's way to send a message about your sale and to get orders from customers you may not be able to reach in other ways.
Your students will be better received if people are aware beforehand. Be sure to stress that you are selling high quality products and that the money is used for your chapter.


Each member should be given complete instructions on how to use the sales brochure. Everyone should know how to complete the order form, what the correct prices are, when to turn in their order forms, and when to expect delivery.


To turn in your order you may call 800-634-5934 or FAX us at 918-569-4249.
An order form is provided in your packet. We will notify you the week before your delivery to let you know the exact day of delivery.


When you receive your product, please remember the ABC's of unloading:

  • Always count your product as it comes off the truck.
  • Be sure to group each product by itself.
  • Count each item again after your entire order is unloaded.
  • The sale advisor and truck/delivery driver should count the order together. All discrepancies (shortages, damaged product, etc.) should be noted at this time. At times, our drivers may carry extra product on the truck. If you add to your order, please note it at this time also.


You will receive a copy of your invoice at the time of delivery. Please pay from this copy. If there are any changes to your order, our office will issue an invoice to cover any additions or a credit memo to cover any shortages and a copy will be mailed to you.