About DJ'$ Fundraising


Dale Jackson was an Agriculture Science Teacher for 14 years in Oklahoma before investing into the fundraising business. In 1978, Dale started the first 'Original Sausage Fundraiser' in the state of Texas. With customer satisfaction being the primary focus, producing a quality sausage product and providing dependable service was the goal when creating the product. The resulting product would benefit organizations and win customer acceptance while providing a profitable fundraiser for all organizations.

DJ'$ Fundraising, Inc. is a family owned and operated business for over 35 years and counting. The highest standards are maintained through the selection of the finest cuts of hams, shoulders, and loins to produce our
famous whole hog blend of old-fashioned country sausage.

DJ'$ products are made of the highest quality and sold exclusively through organizations at a competitive price. Our products are guaranteed for quality and customer satisfaction. A cooperative effort and spirit is established, and community service is provided through DJ'$ Fundraising.

Personalized Service

DJ'$ support representatives are located in all areas and have either been Agriculture Science teachers or area representatives. Through past experiences, they can personally relate to your organization's needs as well as your community. To find your local sales representative, please visit our Contact Page or give us a call.

DJ'$ Maintains it's own fleet of delivery trucks and drivers. This makes a great difference in assuring the products are delivered in an appropriate and timely manner. Our goal is that our customers are satisfied, and the order is fulfilled successfully. Last but not least, we make deliveries at a time that is convenient for you!